After organising the biggest B2B Business Development Event of Medical Tourism for the last 4 years, I have been asked to get into the trade myself rather than just professional matchmaking globally. When I was just convinced to kick start with a few trusted connections, the Covid-19 became popular than ever and showed us the surreal reality of a global pandemic. Halting the trade for the time being, we started to seek opportunities to trade medical supplies between the producers in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and buyers in Europe. 

Born Turkish and then also became British by oath of allegiance to the Queen, I have been working in both countries trading, managing teams and organising global business development summits at times with 6000 people from 165 countries.

As a team of 8 Finders located in 6 countries and 4 continents, we are going through the Covid-19 era, our most enquirers ask about medical supplies and food. We have started to connect my network of friends all around the world to find the requested items and after finding reliable sources, we are contracting with them to promote their products to the buyers and to the global market with my new but ever known brand “Mr. Finder”.

The history of Mr. Finder goes back to some hard to miss milestones in one’s life as founding one of the most cult .com businesses of the world in 1999, casting a chimpanzee actor for a featured film for one of its final scenes, finding a quasi-solution to London’s traffic problem which led to the loss of incumbent mayor and victory of the successor who is now the prime minister of the UK.

We are now committed to bridge the gaps and help traders and manufacturers around the world to source and trade good quality products for best prices. We started with a few and will develop the portfolio as time goes by as the song says.

After we leave this era behind, we will continue to find the best medical service providers for our inquirers, focusing mainly in cancer treatment operations, weight loss surgery, lasik eye surgery, hair implants, dental treatments, aesthetic operations like breast implants.