Rustless technology

Rustless Technology

Mr Finder Ltd has just became the UK Distributor for Rustless Technology that came up with the innovative solution for preventing and eliminating Rust in many application areas.

RUSTLESS TECHNOLOGY® has an exclusive technology that is applied from configurable electronic modules that perform the electronic distribution of electrons, which act by repelling oxidising agents. This transmission takes place through the free electrons existing in the metal itself, using its own potential energy in the stabilisation process, thus repelling the anions that may oxidise the metal.

When the combination of different types of metal occurs, consequently different potentials in the same structure, this potential difference will also be eliminated because the distribution occurs on the surface of the metals and its specific conductivity is what determines the transmission speed of the electrons distributed to the metallic part. by Rustless® Technology.

The configuration capability of Rustless® Electron Distribution Modules is linked to unique and exclusive expertise for the segment where we perform a calculation based on technical information based on a process of analysis of the structure that will receive the installation of Rustless® Anti-Corrosion Protection. These calculations are referred to as Definition Methods for Unit of Measure for Electronic Anti-Corrosion Protection. These methods will define the configuration, the number of Modules that will compose the Anticorrosive Central, the Actuation Sectors of each Module and the Anchor Points of the Distribution and Electron Return Terminals.


Rustless® also has an exclusive ANTI-CORROSION SMART system that reads the anti-corrosive modules, keeping them in equilibrium potential during the entire period of operation of the Central, their respective Anti-Corrosion Modules and distribution and electron return points.

“Create conditions for efficient use of natural and energy resources through technology”

⦁ Reduce the extraction of findable mineral from the environment for steel production;
⦁ Reduce damage to the environment by reducing the disposal of maintenance purges such as: leftover paint, tar, solvents and all chemicals and materials used in the repair processes of corroded structures;
⦁ Increase in the useful life of metallic structures protected with Rustless;
⦁ Reduction in the use of manpower, its costs and risks;
⦁ Reduce production interruption for repairs and maintenance