Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil has been one of the main cooking oils in Turkey and neighboring countries. As significant participants of the international market of sunflower oil, we can count Argentina, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and the EU Countries.

In world market, Ukraine remains to be the No.1 supplier of the crude sunflower oil due to its rich resources of sunflower crops. According to market reports in 2015, the global market share of Ukraine was 30.1% in terms of sunflower oil production. The second largest producer was Russia, with the market share of 24.25%, followed by EU-27 and Argentina, which respectively account for 20% and 8% market share of global sunflower oil production in 2015.



The global market of sunflower oils is a competitive market with lots of local and multinational manufacturers. Therefore, the concentration of sunflower oil market is very low with not as many suppliers.

We would like to work with you to set up your regular supply chain of sunflower oil, and hence a regular source of income.